#R2AD, Week 2: Its not you, its me.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Or any other such Insta-quote you wanna insert here. And I absolutely take full responsibility for failing real good this week.

I figured if I surrounded myself in the very best people all the prep work would lock into place easily and simply and all I had to do was get in and get the work done at the gym.
Seems simple? Not so much. I managed a swing and a miss.

I half arsed my food prep and timing of meals which cost me quality and value in training.
I went into my working (I know I said I’d avoid working over the next few weeks but my team and AGIG both require attention throughout the day, as well as background business ventures that are rewarding but distracting) and training weeks all together passively. One foot in front of the other expecting it to just sorta happen to be awesome.
Basically I went into it as wishy-washy. Just as that last paragraph feels…
I set up all my contacts and support and schedule and then just expected it to ‘happen’ because I had bold ideas. Mmmmmmmnope.

What resulted was a week of eating very ordinary food (boring as bat shit pre-made stuff out of Tupperware containers that I wasn’t particularly fond of) not enjoying it, ditching alcohol entirely, training too much and having energy levels plummet to an alarming low, recovery was a nightmare (my Monday morning weights session had me broken until Thursday evening), sleep was all over the place, I cried at least twice after training, I winged and felt like pain tolerance and I had never yet met…aaaaand I didn’t lose any weight at all (not great for the weight cut).

So where did it go wrong? Mainly with food.
Poor food planning created a very unstable house of cards. I tried to go too hard too fast. I lost 1.5kg on the first two days. How? I got all ego weird about calories and decided to not refuel properly after that first hard session (had a salad after lifting heavy, not advised) and the rest was pretty much history. There was no coming back for me other than to rest and recover but instead I soldiered on with the heavy work load I had planned.
After that my sleeping went crazy, cortisol was obviously high as I was waking 2 hours after falling asleep and feeling wired. I never allowed myself the chance to recover by refuelling with good clean carbs on the Monday and the rest of the week suffered as a result. All the weight I lost by Tuesday was back by Sunday and I didn’t feel great.

I was happy to head to Tasmania for the 3rd open mat hosted by the Tasmanian Female Grappling Collective but it added to my fatigue levels, by Sunday evening I was a wreck and slept for 14 hours.

Lesson learned.

This week will see huge steps forward in being realistic and proactive about my planning.
No more half arsed with the food prep and planning. Between it and sleep, nothing is possible without these two essentials. Seems so simple but wow it is punishing when you mess it up.

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