Private Lessons

Train with black belt,  Jess Fraser.

Sessions available to book: TECHNICAL and/or PRACTICAL.

Popular themes:

-Advice, development and training
-Approaching competition (strategy)
-Competition preparation (rules)
-Competition preparation (hard rounds)
-Goal setting
-Training programs
-Movement drills
-Mobility drills
-Advice for women starting out
-Advice for advanced athletes, competitors and more
-Community development
-Martial arts & team culture advice

$150 per hour for up to 2 attendees, includes venue costs.
$250 per hour for up to 5 attendees.
Seminar bookings for 5+ attendees.

+$50 to the above sessions if you would like your session to involve rolling/sparring.
*All payments on invoice/transfer within Australia will also incur GST.

Payments & cancellations.