#Road to Abu Dhabi

Follow my journey to Abu Dhabi and the World Pro held in April 2017.
This year I will prepare for my 4th time appearing as an Australian representative after successfully winning the opens at our regional trials. This will be my first Abu Dhabi Pro at black belt and with it I will become the first Australian female black belt to appear at this prestigious tournament.

I am 38 years old and ready to rock one of my all time life goals; to compete as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt on the World stage.

This insane and lofty dream of mine is a mere weeks away from becoming a reality. I hope my excitement can be shared with you along the way.


WEEK ONE: Strength is Confidence
WEEK TWO: Its not you, its me
WEEK THREE: The food, the bad and the ugly
WEEK FOUR: Adapting to change
WEEK FIVE: Same same but different
WEEK SIX: The Heartbreaker
WEEK SEVEN: Vanity and tantrums
WEEK EIGHT: Should I be anxious about not being anxious?
WEEKS LATER: The final chapter

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