It begins: a blog

So she decided to write it down…

Welcome, I am excited for this opportunity share insights into the world of jiu jitsu from the perspective of a female that has lead, and continues to lead, one of the largest female only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organisations in the world.

Part athlete, part trail blazer, part leader, part agony Aunt, part coach, part mentor, part event organizer, and now, part blogger; I’m excited to share information gathered from the view point of someone who has been discussing jiu jitsu with 1200 women daily for over 7 years.

This site features opportunities to learn from the Ask Jess section, articles to read from the blog section as well as avenues to book Jess for personalised coaching and mentoring.
I hope you enjoy it and get loads from it, just as I have in creating it.

~ Jess.

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